Investment potential of Siedlce (presentation Flash format 10MB )

Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone

Just 90 km from Warsaw and 100 km from the eastern border of the European Union there is Siedlce city. This is the city with centuries of rich history and dynamic development in recent years. Siedlce is the city of young people, friendly and well-educated. Universities, among them The University of Nature and Humanities, The Collegium Mazovia and other colleges educate 13 thousand students. 20 thousand children and young people educate in over 50 schools.

High in rankings
For years Siedlce has been on top places in rankings evaluating conditions and quality of life in Polish cities. Siedlce was awarded the prestigious emblem "Poland Now" in June 2011. In 2010 in the ranking of investment attractiveness , prepared by the School of Economics in cooperation with the Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment the city took place in the first thirty of nearly 2500 local governments of all municipalities in Poland. In the national ranking of counties Siedlce received the highest rating of the attractiveness - the Class A.

Location - the impulse for development
The unquestionable advantage of the city is the location on one of the most important transport routs In Europe. Railway route Paris-Moscow, currently being modernized and converted into "quick railway", provides convenient connections with the whole Europe. The communication with the city will soon be improved by the A2 highway, which will run through Siedlce.
Siedlce is a strong economic center. Huge companies, such as Polimex-Mostostal and Drosed work here, and also more than 8 thousand businesses of all sizes. In recent years, companies from: Switzerland (rolling stock), France (food processing, telemarketing, construction scaffolding), USA (lighting poles, fodder, alcohol), Germany (fruit processing) and Portugal (plastic) decided to invest in Siedlce. Establishment of the Special Economic Zone and important tax breaks became an investment incentive, which increased the number of workplaces.

Full infrastructure
Areas located in the ecologically clean region are predisposed to accept investments connected with the agro-food processing and ecology. Other investments may be located in two industrial districts. Investment offers include both the ground of the city and the ground of the companies and individuals. The attractiveness of the ground for investment is increased by the accompanying infrastructure. Siedlce authorities actively and effectively solicit funds for its development. In recent years, the city has been experiencing an unprecedented in its history, economic development. Municipal government is gradually increasing expenditure on infrastructure investment. It is facilitated by the active acquisition of EU funding. In the year 2010, over 100 mln PLN was spent from the municipal budget on investment , this year this amount will be doubled.

The Center waites for investors
Siedlce authorities are also looking for investors to manage the city center. Attractive offer is the Sikorski Square located in the center of the city. The area of 0,5 hectare is ready for development. So far, it has been a traditional place of mass events. The city authorities plan to build on the site the cloth hall, which will combine features of service, commercial and administrative. An interesting challenge is the development and revitalization of Siedlce quarter located in the center, between the streets of Pulaski, Florianska, Sienkiewicz and Kilinski. Recently enacted Spatial Development Plan for this area provides service, commercial and residential functions. The city authorities have already begun the eviction of tenants from the old housing.

An active partner in investment projects
The city provides assistance to investors throughout the whole investment process. This task is implemented by the Representative of Investor Servicing appointed by the Mayor and the Programs Development Department. Significant investment encourage is also integration of over 60 hectares of investment areas with the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone - Subzone Siedlce.

Investment Advantages of Siedlce

  • excellent location in the trans-communication corridor: on the railway route Paris-Moscow and international A2 highway. Siedlce is located just 90 km from Warsaw and 100 km from the eastern border of the European Union with Byelorus.
  • strong administrative, academic, economic, service, trade and cultural center with the historic impact on the grounds of the Eastern Mazovia, the Northern Lublin district and the Southern Podlasie. Siedlce has 80 thousand inhabitants, as much again in the 13 municipalities surrounding the city
  • very large number, more than 8.000 small and medium enterprises as potential suppliers or buyers of goods and services
  • dynamic growth of production and export and employment in large industrial and service companies - facts confirming the stability of their business locations in Siedlce (Polimex-Mostostal, DROSED, POLMOS, STADLER Polska, VALMONT Polska, TELEPERFORMANCE Polska, ZENTIS Polska, ALTRAD),
  • free ground belonging to the City of Siedlce in the Special Economic Zone,
  • aktualne Plany Zagospodarowania Przestrzennego dla terenów położonych w dwóch dzielnicach przemysłowych i w Specjalnej Strefie Ekonomicznej.
  • current Spatial Development Plans for areas located in two industrial districts and in the Special Economic Zone.
  • full infrastructure on the investment areas (sanitary sewerage and drainage, water supply, electricity, heat, gas network, telecommunications, roads and access roads)
  • highly skilled workforce and the educational system in secondary schools which lets to respond flexibly on needs of the local labor market
  • base of modern health care - two big, modern hospitals and a network of public and private clinics
  • high standard of educational base (university and higher education, post-secondary and secondary schools), and excellent learning opportunities to meet the needs of the economy, currently nearly 13 thousand people study in Siedlce, the educational offer in schools of various types is used by over 20.000 students
  • very wide and varied cultural offer implemented by government, academic or cultural centers, (theater, three museums with unique collections, symphony orchestra, the city choir, military band, several bands of classical and light music, the world's best modern dance ensembles)
  • very good sports and recreation facilities, a modern football stadium with three training playgrounds, indoor ice rink, athletics stadium with a tartan surface, indoor swimming pool, water park construction began, six playgrounds built within the government program "Orlik 2012", recreation and beach areas with emerging complex of thermal pools at the lagoon "Muchawka"
  • willingness to cooperate with potential investors of the experienced team of local specialists within the range of obtaining European Union funds. The city provides assistance to investors throughout the whole investment process. This task is implemented by the Representative of Investor Servicing appointed by the Mayor and the Programs Development Department.

Other advantages for entrepreneurs

  • tax exemption (CIT or PIT) - If a company decides to invest in the SEZ, the income which he receives from business activities will be exempt from income tax (CIT - corporates or PIT - individuals, depending on the legal form of the business),
  • exemptions in property tax (for entities which increase employment in the city)
  • free assistance in completing all the formalities related to the implementation of the investment.

Community strengths


  • administrative centre - seat of district authorities;
  • sustainable development of the Community on the basis of:
    • Development Strategy,
    • Local Development Plan,
    • Multiannual Investment Programme,
    • Programme for Rehabilitation of Post-industrial Areas,
    • Programme for Rehabilitation of Degraded Areas,
    • Regional Aid Programme for Entrepreneurs,
    • Study on Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development;
  • favourable economic and social conditions;
  • community is in a good situation;
  • increasing share of community's own revenues;
  • dynamic development of the community, as evidenced by increasing budget revenues;
  • low labour costs;
  • low business activity costs (including taxes);
  • membership in associations as well as local and transregional unions;
  • participates in numerous competitions that confirm high standards of its service, www;
  • takes actions to prevent corruption among local government officials;
  • all matters related to the investment may be dealt with in:
    • Town Office;
  • modern, well managed Community (ISO Certificate):
    • Town Office;
  • high quality service;
  • quick and efficient decision making;
  • service is provided in the following languages:
    • English,
    • German;
  • well qualified and competent staff;
  • creative staff;
  • over 50% of staff have a higher education diploma;
  • wide experience in obtaining external resources (including EU funds) - high effectiveness;
  • tax exemptions;
  • clear and stable rules regulating tax reliefs for investors;
  • legal and economic measures for attracting investment;
  • radio, TV and press coverage of local business initiatives;
  • cultural and business relations with foreign partners in the framework of partner towns;
  • close cooperation between local government and entrepreneurs;
  • close cooperation between local authorities and entrepreneurs;
  • environmentally friendly community investment;
  • advantageous location in the vicinity of the country?s border in: the East.
  • conveniently located in the vicinity of: Warszawa, Lublin;
  • conveniently located in the vicinity of passenger airport in: Warszawa;
  • near a border crossing point for car traffic;
  • near a tourist border crossing point;
  • attractive geographical location for tourism-related activity;
  • conveniently located at the crossing of important communications routes;
  • picturesque location of the community;
  • conveniently located in the vicinity of railway hubs in: Siedlce, Warszawe, Łuków, Terespol;
  • unpolluted environment: green enclave, clean water and air;
  • clean environment;
  • environment protection is a matter of importance for the authorities;
  • there is no industry harmful to the environment;
  • environment improvement due to high quality pro-environmental measures;
  • selective waste collection throughout the community area;
  • tourism-related advantages that favour active leisure activities:
    • rivers;
  • access to clean surface and subterranean waters;
  • natural features of historic importance;
  • rich flora and fauna unique to the community area;
  • interesting tourism opportunities, for more details, see:
  • opportunities for active participation in cultural events - cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums, etc.;
  • numerous culture centres of various profiles;
  • buildings of historical, cultural and religious interest (monuments):
  • rich calendar of cultural and social events - numerous mass cultural, entertainment or sports events:
  • active Community Culture Centre;
  • bicycle lanes: 13 km;
  • aviation tradition - opportunities for hang-gliding;
  • horse studs - opportunities for horse riding and other forms of horse tourism;
  • tourist routes of varying difficulty - opportunities for hiking;
  • culture and sports facilities hosting events at the:
    • national level,
    • international level;
  • specialised sports and recreation centres for sports professionals:
    • hall,
    • swimming pool,
  • sports fields and pitches open for all;
  • ice rinks open for all;
  • active sports clubs;
  • numerous accommodation facilities of varying standards;
  • maintaining and developing cultural tradition: folk music, handicraft, etc.;

Education and training:

  • dense network of primary and lower secondary schools:
    • primary schools: 10,
    • lower secondary schools: 10;
  • dense network of secondary schools - number of schools: 28;
  • important university centre;
  • Ośrodki akademickie/filie ośrodków akademickich na terenie miasta/gminy:
  • easy access to universities in neighbouring towns:
    • Warszawa,
    • Lublin,
    • Białystok,
  • well-qualified potential staff of various training levels and profiles;
  • a variety of professional qualifications among the inhabitants;
  • well-qualified teaching staff;
  • high standards of education;
  • high quality equipment in education facilities;
  • computer rooms open for all;
  • extensive network of kindergartens and creches;
  • numerous public libraries of varying types;
  • community authorities support for the professional development of teachers;
  • actively involved inhabitants;
  • well-educated society;
  • inhabitants are willing to work;
  • high working standards;
  • high percentage of inhabitants at productive age;
  • positive birth rate;
  • high share of inhabitants with university or secondary school diploma;
  • well-functioning social care facilities;
  • particular care for public safety;
  • sustainable birth rate;
  • welcoming and friendly inhabitants;
  • inhabitants await new investment;
  • inhabitants are oriented towards new and innovative social and economic measures;
  • representatives of various denominations coexist in harmony;
Technical Infrastructure:
  • modern technical and public utility infrastructure;
  • good technical infrastructure in the community:
    • gas for technological and heating purposes available in 80% of community investment,
    • water available in 100% of community investment,
    • sewage system available in 100% of community investment,
    • electricity available in 100% of community investment,
    • telephone available in 60% of community investment,
    • Internet connection available in 60% of community investment;
  • vast reserves with suppliers of technical utilities;
  • low costs of business activity - low costs of technical utilities;
  • high-pressure gas pipe accessible;
  • water supplied from two independent sources;
  • operating rubbish dump at close distance;
  • organised waste management (own rubbish dump and waste segregation);
  • modern sewage treatment plant;
  • sewage treatment plant with potential for extension and treatment of non-public sewage;
  • good road infrastructure:
    • international road,
    • national roads network,
    • regional roads network,
    • district roads network,
    • bypass;
  • good Internet connections;
Business Infrastructure within the Community:
  • tax incentives and other reliefs for investors;
  • actively operating organisations for enterprise;
  • actively operating Chamber of Industry and Commerce or trade association;
  • local Business Centre Club lodge;
  • the community features:
  • the district features:
    • Customs Department,
    • District Court,
    • Revenue Office,
    • District Authorities Office;
  • wide variety of insurance services;
  • wide variety of banking services;
  • well-developed economy, including SMEs, trade and craft;
  • market-economy structure of ownership - predominance of private sector entities;
  • diversified structure of business entities;
  • high absorption capacity of the market;
  • large labour market;
  • dense trade network;
  • well-organised healthcare system;
  • active involvement of social organisations;
  • training centres in the community area;
  • well-developed telecommunications infrastructure;
  • a large number of Polish enterprises;
  • access to railway with a siding;
  • sustainable community policy as regards public utilities;
  • well-developed industry branches:
    • Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water,
      • Production and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and hot water;
      • Collection, purification and distribution of water;
  • no industry harmful to the environment;
  • valid space development plans covering community investment areas;
  • valid space development plans in the community cover the surface of: 10%;
  • level of community spending on own investment is increased every year;
  • community assistance in providing access to public utility networks in investment areas;
  • portfolio of investment areas includes community-owned plots;
  • portfolio of investment areas includes private plots;
  • portfolio of investment areas includes plots with complete technical infrastructure;
  • wide and diversified promotion of investment areas;
  • attractive prices of land;
  • easy road access to investment areas;
  • favourable conditions for housing development;
  • positive attitude towards investment;
  • existing resources for the development of food processing plants;
  • buildings available for adaptation by investors;
  • favourable conditions for ecological farm practices;
  • markets for agriculture products located in the vicinity;
  • high ecological quality of agriculture products;